A Royal Stink

A Royal Stink


  • Rainbow King: "Welcome friends! It's Royal Request Day. Now, what would you like to ask of your King today?"
  • Rainbow Kingdom citizens: "Oh, Rainbow King, we do love the color of our sky, but we were wondering, well, perhaps, if it could just be a teensy little more-"
  • Rainbow Kingdom citizens: "Purple? Pink? Green?"
  • Rainbow King: "Of course! Tomorrow, I will fill the sky with a rainbow of the most dazzling shades of color.

  • True: "How is a Queen supposed to sit, Bee?"
  • Bartleby: "I don't know. I've never been a Queen."

  • Bartleby: "Gimme a paw, up top! Oh, wait a minute. Maybe Queens don't do that."
  • True: "This one does!"

  • Mila: "Wow, these flowers are so beautiful! Thanks, Queen Majesty, True, Your Highness, ma'am."

  • True: "The whole Rainbow Kingdom is filled with the stink!"
  • Zee: "Guess we better have a think."
  • True: "That rhymed."

  • True: "Glummy, not everyone wants to be gloomy!"
  • Glummy Glooma: "And not everyone wants to be cheery. It's true, True."

  • Glummy Glooma: "Rainbow Castle. I bet it makes people smile just looking at it. I can fix that."

  • Glummy Glooma: "I don't like it when things happen."

  • True: "Glummy, do you think riding the stink cloud would cheer you up long enough to un-gloomify everything?"
  • Glummy Glooma: "No promises, goody-goody-True-shoes."

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