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Bartleby is a male cat who is True's best friend. He is one of the main characters of True and the Rainbow Kingdom.


Bartleby would follow True to the ends of the Rainbow Kingdom... as long as there aren’t tempting distractions like Fishy Poof Crackers and sunny napping spots along the way. Bartleby’s quick wit and charming personality go hand-in-hand with True’s playful attitude. These two besties are a fun-filled force to be reckoned with!


Bartleby is a cat who is slightly shorter than True, and has dark blue fur and blue eyes. He has four whiskers on his face (two on each side), and a purple nose.


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True is Bartleby's best friend who lives with him in a giant mushroom. Bartleby would never leave her in a difficult situation. They are by each other's side in each episode. Bartleby complements True often, and he loves to play with her at any opportunity.


Bartleby doesn't particularly care for Frookie but isn't mean to him. He usually points out Frookie's skill in drooling, and doesn't like being licked by him. However, he appears to accept and enjoy it in "Great Grizmos!".


  • Bartleby is occasionally called "Bee" in official subtitles for the series, similar to how True occasionally calls him that for short.
  • "B" could be referencing either the first letter of his name, or the last (third) syllable. Despite being spelled "by" it is pronounced like "be"/"bee".
  • He and True share the same bed (shown in "Great Grizmos!").
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