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Dance & Sing with True

Dance & Sing with True promotional photo

Netflix compilation series based on True and the Rainbow Kingdom

Dance & Sing with True is a compilation series based on songs from True and the Rainbow Kingdom. It premiered on Netflix on May 18, 2018.

According to the official True and the Rainbow Kingdom Facebook page, it will contain music videos of songs from the series, plus new songs, and extended versions of preexisting songs.

Official description

True and her friends are making music -- and they want you to dance and sing along. So cut loose, silly goose! These fun beats are totally sweet.

Episode/song list

  1. Super Duper Dance Party (from Season 1, episode 1 "Super Duper Dance Party)
  2. An extended version of The Kittynati (from Season 1, episode 9 "The Kittynati")
  3. An extended version of Little Helpers (from Season 1, episode 7 "Little Helpers")
  4. Glummy's Gloom (from Season 1, episode 5 "A Royal Stink")
  5. Full Speed Fun (from Season 1, episode 4 "Zip Zap Zooooom!")