Great Grizmos!

Great Grizmos


  • True: "Wakey wakey, Bartleby."
  • Bartleby: "I can't start my day until I get a kitty cuddle from you-know-who."
  • True: The Rainbow King? I don't know, he's a busy guy. But there's always time for True tickles!"

  • Bartleby: "It's wobbling? No! That's just me. So dizzy."

  • Grizelda: "Noooooooooooo!"
  • True: "Grizelda!"
  • Grizelda: "Sorry. It's not my fault. I never knew where my Grizmos lived."
  • True: "That's okay. Bartleby and I will try to hold the castle up while you and the Grizmos take the crystals down. Good luck!"
  • Grizelda: "I'll try, but I can barely see it's so bright out here. Why is it so... oh, right. That was me."

  • Grizmos: "Ta-dah!"
  • Grizelda: (gasps) "A cake for me? It's so beautiful! Now, let's get this party Grizelda grooving!"
  • Grizmos: "Yay!"

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