For the Season 2 episode of the same name, see Princess Grizbot.

Princess Grizbot (robot)

11-Princess Grizbot-next to Grizelda's castle

Giant robotic version of Grizelda constructed by the Grizmos in "Princess Grizbot"

In this image, the robot is seen next to Grizelda's castle, standing even taller than the castle itself. Grizelda and Frookie sit in the cockpit as the Grizmos look at their finished project.

Princess Grizbot is the name of a giant robot based on the image of Grizelda, entirely constructed by the Grizmos in the episode, Princess Grizbot.

Purpose and fate

After she and her pet Frookie were rescued from her castle's balcony by True and the help of her Wish Floto, Grizelda noticed the attention and praise True was getting from the Rainbow Kingdom citizens as a result. Grizelda asks True if she helps the Kingdom to get attention, but True explains to her that she just likes helping others and doesn't care for the attention. Given Grizelda's self-centered personality, she misunderstands and has the Grizmos construct a giant robot for her to use as an effort to bring the Kingdom's citizens' praise to her instead. Once the Grizmos complete it, she officially names it "Princess Grizbot" and sets out to "help" the Rainbow City citizens.

As she takes Princess Grizbot for its first voyage across the Rainbow Kingdom, Grizelda carelessly causes various issues for its citizens, such as tearing a tree in half just to return Mila's kite to her, and causing the Rainbow City bus to nearly fall off the road. As she and Frookie come across True and Bartleby's home she tells True that she, Bartleby, and the Wishes can take "the day off". Bartleby quickly becomes skeptical, knowing her past behavior.

As night falls in the Rainbow Kingdom, Grizelda returns to her castle with Frookie and turns off the Grizbot before going inside the castle to sleep. In the morning, Frookie manages to exit the castle as Grizelda and the Grizmos sleep, and he gets inside the cockpit of Princess Grizbot, starting a trip of his own. True and Bartleby initially think Grizelda is still controlling the robot, but both of them along with Grizelda find out that it is Frookie inside. Frookie plays with his toys and inadvertently pushes buttons on the control pad, causing the Grizbot to go on a rampage-like trip across the Rainbow Kingdom. unaware that he is causing even more havoc than what Grizelda was the day before.

True, Bartleby, and Grizelda go to the Wishing Tree to meet with Zee in request for help. True is granted her three Wishes: Glu-Bu, Bringit, and Zil-Yun, and she sets out to stop Frookie and the Grizbot. When they return to Rainbow City, True attempts to use Glu-Bu to trap the Grizbot in its glue-like substance. Frookie manages to get the Grizbot's one stuck shoe removed from its leg and continues walking and destroying property. It inches closer toward Bartleby, leading True to unleash Bringit. Bringit connects to the Grizbot, but fails to secure a strong enough connection to pull the robot back.

After Bringit is put back in True's backpack, a string on one of Frookie's toys gets wrapped around the main joystick of the control pad and directs it toward Grizelda's castle. True, Bartleby, and Grizelda, get on Cumulo and come up with a plan to get Frookie out of the robot. True realizes that Frookie loves Bartleby, and plans to use Zil-Yun to multiply him to attract Frookie. This gets Frookie's attention, but Frookie doesn't exit the robot. As Frookie and the robot draw much closer to the castle, True has one Bartleby use his ninja cat skills to climb the robot and raise its visor, and has the other two to launch her into it. The plan succeeds and she returns Frookie to the ground, but the robot doesn't stop. Then, True is alone in the cockpit and has trouble getting Frookie's toy unstuck. Frookie gets in the direct way of the robot and gets himself in immediate danger of being stepped on. Grizelda exclaims that someone should do something, but then she realizes she should be the one to do something. She dashes and captures Frookie before he gets injured, and True gets the toy unstuck from the joystick. However, this causes the robot to malfunction and True jumps out of the robot before it falls off a cliff near the castle and crashes into shambles.

True praises Grizelda for saving Frookie, but Grizelda pouts since no one other than them got to see her do it. True asks her if she feels good about what she did, and Grizelda agrees, stating she could get used to it. A final crashing of the Grizbot can be heard before they look at the wreckage. Grizelda jokingly says she will just have the Grizmos build her another one, to True and Bartleby's immediate decline. Grizelda says she is kidding and suggests she may have the Grizmos build a statue of her instead. True and Bartleby exchange a few more words before Frookie licks the other two Bartlebys and the episode finishes.


Princess Grizbot was intended to be a depiction of Grizelda, but in a much larger scale. The entire robot is as tall as her castle. Its body is primarily made of metal and the eye shield is made of glass, and there are also glass pieces imitating her crown and shoes. The robot's face, arms, and legs are a silver color, and its torso is spray painted red to depict her dress. It also has three metal balls on its torso to resemble her pearl necklace. It has a pink-tinted visor as the eye shield, resembling a sleeping mask, and a yellow-painted piece on its head intended to depict Grizelda's hair, but the hair piece is slightly shorter than her hair. It also has a giant red bow on the back of its hair, like what she is usually seen wearing. Its primary way of entrance is through a trap door toward the bottom of its dress, and a ramp comes out for Grizelda and Frookie to enter through. The ramp leads to the main cockpit which is located within the aforementioned eye shield. The eye shield has a button below it which can raise it up. The cockpit control pad has various levers, joysticks, and buttons that control the robot. It can also spray hot pink mist to give it flight capability.

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