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14-True Switcheroo-Switcheroo activates as True and Bartleby watch

Peppermint-scented crystal capable of switching anything to another thing

The Switcheroo is the nickname given by True to a peppermint-scented crystal that she and Bartleby found in "True Switcheroo".

Purpose and fate

In "True Switcheroo", True and Bartleby gather materials and flowers to bring to Grizelda's castle to start a garden. True digs into the ground and feels something hard. She brings a crystal out, and Bartleby notes that it smells like peppermint. True rubs dirt off of it, and it spins mid-air and shines brightly, then shoots beams toward a nummle berry and a shovel, switching their places. They have some fun with the Switcheroo, but they accidentally use it on themselves. This causes True and Bartleby's bodies to be switched, where True's voice comes out of Bartleby's body, and Bartleby's voice comes out of True's body.

At Grizelda's, they accidentally give it to her along with other gifts, and Grizelda misinterpreted the Switcheroo as a gift. She orders the Grizmos to place it atop her garden's birdbath, and to polish it every few seconds. She returns to her castle for a nap and has the Grizmos guard it. The Grizmo polishing it is unaware of the Switcharoo's function (as he is listening to music on headphones) and as a result, beams are shot all across the Rainbow Kingdom, causing all sorts of people and objects to be switched around.

Later, True manages to get three Wishes for the situation, and attempts to use Zil-Yun to copy the Switcheroo as an effort to switch the real one at Grizelda's for a copy. Grizelda awakes and startles Bartleby into dropping Zil-Yun, which launches its power to create hundreds of Switcheroo copies (but without the power, as True asked it not to duplicate its power). The original Switcheroo becomes lost, and they have to use Snorfle to smell and find all the other copies. They eventually round up the copies, and use Look-See to locate the real Switcheroo. True and Bartleby use it on themselves to bring themselves back to normal, along with the rest of the Rainbow Kingdom.

True and Bartleby return to Grizelda's castle and give her all of the Switcheroo copies to decorate her garden with. Then, they return home with the original Switcheroo. True buries it beneath a flower, where it came from in the first place.


The Switcheroo is three crystals hovering among itself to create one object. The middle piece, which is white, is larger than the other two crystals beside it, the aforementioned crystals being red and yellow, respectively.

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