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Mobile game based on True and the Rainbow Kingdom

True Wishes is a mobile game based on True and the Rainbow Kingdom, released on Google Play and the Apple App Store on August 9, 2017. The game was developed by Guru Studio and can be purchased for $1.99.

Official description

True shares her wonderful Wishes with you! Join True in playing bright, fun-filled activities!

The Rainbow Kingdom awaits! True welcomes you to the Rainbow Kingdom, and needs your help! Choose any of True's seven wish friends and tap, swipe, stack and steer them in a variety of free play experiences. Use their wonderful, quirky wish powers to join in on the fun and help the many citizens of Rainbow Kingdom.

Featuring wishes from the show, each activity is unique and supports critical thinking skills, virtual play, and fun challenges built for preschool audiences. The activities help kids explore their own imaginations and build skills at the same time. Kids will fulfill their wildest Wish dreams alongside True, and enter a world of wonder and adventure around every corner in The Rainbow Kingdom!


  • Unique play experience for each activity
  • Learn about each of the Wishes and what they can do
  • Open play experience with free-form interaction
  • Explore the quirky and fun characters of the series
  • Befriend citizens of the Rainbow Kingdom by helping them
  • Build critical thinking skills with each activity
  • No in-app purchasing or ads


The following characters appear throughout the minigames in True Wishes:


The game begins with True introducing herself and welcoming the player to the Rainbow Kingdom. She leads the player to The Wishing Tree and calls upon 7 Wishes and asks the player to select one. Each Wish contains a different minigame. If the player goes idle, True will periodically ask the player to choose a Wish for her. On the Wish selection screen, the player can tap True, and she will giggle. If the player holds their finger on True and moves it around, her eyes will follow the direction of the finger and she will turn to the left or right, depending on the direction.

List of highlighted Wishes and their games

  • Tip-Top: In this minigame, characters such as the Little Helpers, Grizelda and Bingo-Bango will appear, and True will ask the player to match their height by stacking the Tip-Top duplicates.
  • Whomp-it: In this minigame, True tells the player that the ice stars are stuck in the ice. Whomp-it can be dragged into the air and released to break the ice and set the ice stars free.
  • Syzer: In this minigame, True tells the player that the yeti needs to be fed. The player can tap Syzer to increase or decrease the size of food from the picnic basket, and then drag the food to the yeti's mouth to feed him. The yeti may reject food if it is the incorrect size.
  • Cu-bigly: In this minigame, Cu-bigly can be dragged from side to side so that the Grizmos can bounce up to the crystal stars.
  • Elongy: In this minigame, Elongy can be used to fling sponges to the Little Helpers so that they can clean the Rainbow Castle. Elongy is held by two Rainbow Castle guards.
  • Wo Glo: In this minigame, Wo Glo can be used to navigate Wishing Heart Hollow and find the Little Helpers and Rocky.
  • Whoosh: In this minigame based on "A Royal Stink", Whoosh can be used to blow the clouds generated by Glummy Glooma away. Whoosh can be tapped and held to increase its size for a longer gust of wind.

During each of these mini games, True will stay in a bubble on the side of the screen; players can tap her and she will give advice on how to progress in the game. She will also give advice if the player goes idle during the game. Upon completing a game, balloons will be displayed on the screen, and the player can infinitely play these games until they choose to go back to the selection screen. In addition, characters may appear on screen as part of an "Easter egg" and can be interacted with by tapping them.


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